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Materealize is a full-service film production company, established in 2012. We can handle everything from strategy and creative to production and post-production services. Whether you need a video and don’t know where to start, or have a full fledged concept and script β€” we are here for you. We specialize in creating digital commercials, branded content and documentaries for the web, TV, and social media.

We start with a creative vision and work towards materializing (pun-intended πŸ˜‰) as cost-effectively as possible.

Our Process

1. Focus

At the beginning of each project, we prioritize client collaboration. Every project kicks off with a conversation, touching on topics from budget to project outcomes. A schedule takes shape, detailing deadlines and deliverables. Audience needs take a front row seat.

2. Visualise

The creative juices begin to flow as we write out a tailored concept or treatment, based on the discovery phase. This stage of the process varies from client to client. If you already have a defined concept, this step of the process may be abridged. However, if you are seeking more guidance, we take the initiative to begin conceptualizing the visual message you and your audience desire.

3. Prepare

Once the concept and script are approved, we tackle the pre-production and logistical elements of the video. After these details are finalized, we are prepared to shoot and bring your vision to life.

4. Execute

Next, we go into production stage. Filming. Once we have all our shots, it’s time to put it together in order to tell a story. We work closely with you to craft an edit that fits your project’s needs. This is done through various stages β€” each confirmed with your approval. Some projects require a simple edit, while others may demand higher-end visual effects, advanced color grading, and sound design.

5. Deliver

A successful video is only effective if it is placed in front of your intended audience. You can then proceed to run impactful video campaigns through paid and organic outlets

Our Services



We dedicate a lot of our time to set the stage for each captivating video. Understanding your brand & goal is our first step, so we are able to emulate your overall tone and mood through video. Our creative drives results through thoughtful planning and execution.

We do this by creating:
– Concepts
– Treatment
– Story Outline/Script
– Storyboarding


Once the stage is set, we are prepared to execute our master plan. We start with pre-production, which includes: sourcing locations, talent, wardrobe, art direction, crew, and all other logistics. Your on-location production can scale in size depending on each production’s needs. We can show up with a small 5 person crew or a 20+ crew member production.

Types of videos include:
– Commercials
– Branded Video
– Corporate Video
– Event Coverage
– Short Form Documentary
– Internal Communications
– Social Media Videos
– Product Videos
– Training Videos


A successful video must be thoughtfully weaved together, which is why post-production is considered during the creative development and production phase. Each project demands its own unique editing process depending on the type of video. Most importantly, we work with clients to maintain a clear and consistent message with their audience.

Post-Production Offerings:

– Rough Cut
– Fine Cut
– VFX / Animation
– Finishing (Music, Color Correction / Grading)


Materealize is the go-to production house for ideas that give LIFE to the brief. With their diverse experience in content production, they bring to the table ideas that spark the WOW-ness!

KC Lim

Kelvin is someone who is really good at what he does, and his attention to details is second to none. He takes everyone’s positive opinion into account and makes it a masterpiece….
I would definitely engage him if I need more of these videos.

Kishen Alex Raj

Manager, CSR, Events and Internal Branding
Group Brand Marketing and Communication, Sunway Group

Kelvin Anthony is incredibly talented and passionate storyteller who has done a tremendous job in helping us establish Unifi TV (formerly known as HyppTV). Responsive, flexible, and forward thinking, he has never once failed to deliver our requests and expectations. It has indeed been a pleasure working with him over our 4 years in industry.

Hajar Kamal

Unifi Marketing, Telekom Malaysia Berhad